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Mauricę Schwartz Founds the Yiddish Art Theater

Yiddish theater producer, director and star performer, Maurice Schwartz (1888-1960) began his career in 1905 at an amateur dramatic club in Brooklyn. He worked his way up the Yiddish theater ladder in regional theater until David Kessler (1860-1920),…
Maurice Schwartz portrait.jpg

Peretz Hirshbein, 1880-1948

During his stay in Łódź [1908], Hirshbein together with the director Dovid Herman, announced the founding of "a literary-dramatic theater". Not finding enough popularity, however, Hirshbein returned to Odessa and, on the initiative of the poet Kh. N.…
Hirshbein Troupe_Odessa 1909.jpg

Crossover Stars

Since its beginnings, the modern Yiddish theater generated "crossover actors," men and women who moved (in both directions) between the Yiddish-language stage and stages of other language. In the United States, however, the movement of Yiddish actors…
photo Paul Muni 1925 Kunst T Box93.jpg

The Establishment of the Hebrew Actors Union (HAU), 1889.

The Hebrew Actors’ Union (HAU) was the first theatrical union in the United States to protect actors from exploitation by managers, bar none. It was originally founded in New York City in 1888. During a December 1899 strike held by the actors at the…
US 91 - New York, 1899 - Hebrew Actors Union Photomontage - not descreened.jpg

Dramatic Yiddish Theater in America (1890-1910): Jacob Gordin and Jacob Adler

Jacob Gordin(1853-1909) forged a new path for Yiddish theater by introducing realism in place of Hurwitz and Lateiner's crowd-pleasing operettas. Among the more popular of Gordin's dramas were his literary adaptations likeThe Jewish King Lear,about a…
RG 205 - Folder 864 - Marmor with Jacob Gordin.jpg
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