Shaul Goldman
Educator, Labor Leader, Bundist, Bialystoker

This exhibit funded by the generosity of Leon Goldman

Jewish Bialystok was almost completely erased in the Holocaust. Poland’s fourth largest city before the war, it was a teeming metropolis with a Jewish majority, a fact that gave its local culture a very Jewish flavor. Yiddish theaters, Yiddish newspapers, Yiddish schools – much of the city’s life was lived in Yiddish.

Schools were Shaul Goldman’s domain. Born and raised in Bialystok, Goldman helped found the Yugnt Fareyn, a charitable organization that built the first secular Yiddish-language school in Bialystok. He was also instrumental in founding the Sholem-Aleichem Public Library, one of the largest in Poland. His good works as an educator and as a Bund representative for the people of Bialystok were many.

This website was created to explore the legacy of Shaul Goldman, the Bund, and the Yiddish secular schools in Bialystok.