Shaul Goldman
Educator, Labor Leader, Bundist, Bialystoker

Tsisho-related correspondence of Shaul Goldman

Letter from S. Goldman to Z. Reyzn Letter from S. Goldman to Z. Reyzn

Yiddish Folks-shule Elementary School of the Bialystok Jewish Youth Union 

Bialystok, March 9, 1918

Honorable Mr. Reyzen!

On hearing about your activity in the area of a Yiddish school system, we call upon you with a request to share information with us that is necessary for our school.

First, a few words about our school, which opened two years ago. From the beginning, it had four classes and from the beginning of this past school year we opened a sixth grade. Up until the fifth grade students learn the following in Yiddish: Literary criticism and Yiddish literature; arithmetic; geometry—and now planimetrics (plane geometry); aspects of algebra which are necessary for geometry; Hebrew-Tanakh and Bible criticism; geography of Europe and Russia; History—both Jewish and general, although because of shortages in teaching staff, this was integrated into the curriculum only last year, and so the way the course was given was not so thorough, which is to say: Jewish history - up until the split of the kingdom; World History – ancient peoples to Greece. Besides all this, we teach German, Natural History, Human anatomy, drawing, singing, gymnastics.

Obviously, we have met with a few obstacles along the way, but we won’t dwell on this. You have no fewer obstacles than we do. Most important, it is desirable that our school be in regular contact with the schools in Vilna, which will make our work easier. 

At this point, we are requesting that you send us a letter with the following information (in writing):

  1. What kind of academic courses are studied in your schools?
  2. The precise curricula of each course especially for the more recent classes. Is it possible you have syllabi for each course?
  3. Also would you send, if possible, syllabi for those courses for which books in Yiddish do not yet exist.

These three things, at the very least, are the most important for us to have. It would be great if you could send us other information that could be of high value to our school, and if not, at the very least, the above listed items. If there are any expenses, …

We hope that you will fulfill our request in the interest of the schools….

With great respect,

Chairman, Sh. Goldman

Sec. Shmuel Khvat

The Pedagogical Committee


Letter from Shaul Goldman requesting financial aid for the Yugnt fareyn school. Letter from Shaul Goldman requesting financial aid for the Yugnt fareyn school.

Dearest friends, Suma and Shmuel!

You are no doubt wondering why you are a receiving a letter from me. I turn to you regarding an issue of social action—about our schools. Comrades! As I have been informed, you recently became the heads of the Aid Committee for our schools. Beloved friends, it is terribly difficult for me to write this to you. Simply put, I have no words. What words there are lose their meaning under these circumstances.

But I will be brief: it looks like we’re going to lose our schools. Simply put, they’re going to throw us out of our rooms. And the most in danger is the school of the Yugnt Fareyn.  But we have rolled up our sleeves, we’re really killing ourselves. Relying on our own powers alone, however, we will not be able save our schools. And so, we turn to you! Please help! Wire an initial payment as quickly as you can.

Dear friends! It is difficult to write at length. Sixteen years of sacrifice on the part of the teachers, the parents, and the supporters of the school is about to be lost. And this for mere financial reasons. Not to mention the aims and goals of our work. If only out of respect for the sacrifices made until now which require the undertaking of a superhuman effort. Friends! The role you’ve played in the work that has been done until now has been so important. And it is for this reason we turn to you now. Do all you can! The Aid Committee should be first in line to fulfill its commitment to the Bialystok schools. Maybe you can get in touch with Peterson. They always stand by us in our time of need. In one word, friends, do all you can. Better said: more than is possible. I will be so thankful to you if you answer me as soon as you read this letter.

With the best regards,

Shaul Goldman

Postcard to Naye folkstsaytung from Shaul Goldman Postcard to Naye folkstsaytung from Shaul Goldman

Bialystok the 10th of February

In Secretariat of the Central Committee

Dear Comrades!

I have come to learn through the newspaper that I am to travel to Lomzhe (Lomza). Unfortunately, I will not be able to fulfill this task because I am laid up with the flu.

With Comradely Greetings,

Sh. Goldman

Postcard to:

Naye folkstsaytung (Bundist daily newspaper)

Novolipie 7


To: Emmanuel